The purpose of the Emergency Action Plan is to assist Cape Fear Sports Employees, Referees, Captains, Players and Participants in the decision making process during times of crisis. This plan contains suggestions and guidance to individuals in determining the appropriate actions to take to prevent injury and property loss from the occurrence of emergency incidents.



 Check injured individual for breathing, severe bleeding and level of consciousness

      Stabilize the individual and secure the area

Provide first aid care or CPR only if certified

Call 911

Name of individual making call

Give telephone number and address

Number of injured athletes

Condition of injured athletes

First aid treatment being given

Specific location of emergency (athletic field, venue directions, including street names and how to access sites)

Designate individual to “flag down” EMS and direct to scene.

Limit scene to first aid responders and move bystanders away from area

Report incident to Cape Fear Sports League Director




New Hanover Medical Center

2131 S. 17th Street

Wilmington, NC



Cape Fear Hospital

5301 Wrightsville Ave

Wilmington, NC



Wilmington Police Department (Non-Emergency)

615 Bess Street

Wilmington, NC